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S3 EP3 - Airline History Museum - Under Assault

Episode Summary Listen to how one organization is stealing $500,000 from our kids. Learn why these historic aircraft are in danger. Understand more about how during COVID, our museums have an even bigger role to play in our communities and provide value to young and old alike! You can take action to help and it will not cost you a dime.

Episode Notes

CAUTION! The link that you heard in the show is wrong!  Click here to sign the petition and help.

John Roper, the President of the Airline History Museum in Kansas City, MO is facing a huge battle.  Signature Flight Support has taken $500K in tax abatements for this museum and is now trying to kick out a national asset, a national treasure.  The Airline History Museum. 

Museums are good for our communities and good for our kids. Now, especially with COVID, our kids need inspiration and a chance to see what great people did before as a way to inspire them to take action in their own lives.  Museums are as much about our future as our past.  Please listen, Please share this episode, and PLEASE sign the petition so that you can sleep well knowing that you did something good for others, by just making your voice heard.

Learn about all the projects that this museum is involved with to support their community and the kids who have a dream about aerospace. Imagine how much more value that this group of volunteers could provide if they were not fighting for their very existence against a big company with a monopoly mindset on this public-use airport.

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